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Tillbaka till startsidan

The Swedish Forum for Human Rights

On 8 to 10 november, the Girl Child Platformen participated in the Swedish forum for Human Rights in Gothenburg. These were days filled with inspiration, new knowledge and a lot of fun socializing with the visitors and a bunch of our members!

The Girl Square

At the exhibition square the visitors could meet us and get to know us, meet some of our members and do loads of other activities. Visitors could for example try Fredrika Bremer Förbundets quiz and try to win some of the amazing prizes from Feministsmeden and Horror pop + riots. Visitors could also get a cool tatoto from Tjejjouren Väst and from Crossing Boarders. Feministiskt självförsvar Göteborg offered the visitor to get a smart picture with the text ”I want feministic selfdefense in school”.

Visitors also had the opportunity to be a part of our campaign @tjejkunnig, either by recording their own tjejkunnig-movie or write their thoughts and put it in our golden tjejkunnig-box!

The Seminars

During the Forum the Girl Child Platform held three seminars. In the first one Malaak Daher (from GUTS Angered), Andrea Bustos (from Fler Unga) and Sagal Yusuf (The Prize of Being a Female) participated. The young girls gave examples from their own lives and spoke wise words about how young kids encounter racism and how we can mobilise young people in the fight against racism.

To our second seminar we invited Arbresha Rexhepi from Elektra. She spoke of how Elektra works against racism and offered interesting insights about national identity. Sarah Delshad, founder of Muslimska feminister, participated in our third seminar. She told us about why she founded Muslimska feminister and also showed up to date statistics on which people gets media coverage in Sweden.


Since we knew that a lot of high school students would show up, we wanted to seize the opportunity to gather stories and thoughts for Tjejkunnig. And what a lot of clever thoughts that we received! What at first seemed shy and hesitant would burst forth when given the opportunity! We will take with us all of these stories and thoughts so that we later on can pass them on to the people who need to hear them- the adult rulers.

The theme for the Swedish Forum for Human Rights was ”Unite against racism”. Unite is one of the Girl Child Platforms keyword. We unite with other organisations and movements because we know that’s how we can make a difference. Standing in our Girl Square with our member it was evident what power lies in working together! THANK YOU to everyone who wanted/wants to unite with us!

Participating organisations: Hungerprojektet, Crossing BoardersGUTS Angered, Tjejjouren Väst, Operation 1325, Muslimska feministerFredrika Bremer Förbundet, Futebol dá Força, Feministiskt självförsvar Göteborg, Fler Unga, InteOkej, Elekta-Fryshuset Göteborg, The Prize of Being a Female.